Transparency Report

2020 Fiscal Year Information

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement - There are no current bargaining agreements as the district has no bargaining units.

  • Annual Amount Spent On Lobbying and/or Lobbying Services - There are no lobbying costs.

  • Deficit Elimination Plan (if applicable) - The district does not have a deficit elimination plan.

  • Credit Cards (authorized user and credit limit) - The district does not have credit cards.

  • Out-Of-State Travel For Previous Fiscal Year - PBIS Rewards Bootcamp (IN) - $525.78

Healthcare & Benefits

The following healthcare benefits are sponsored by The Leona Group, LLC, the employer of record, and are available to all full-time TLG employees:

Medical: Blue Cross Base Plan; Blue Cross Buy-Up Plan; Blue Cross Consumer-Driven, High Deductible Health Plan (CDHP)
Dental: Delta Dental
Vision: Superior Vision
Wellness Initiative: Blue Cross

Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Payflex