The Academy for Business & Technology Elementary School, in cooperation with parents and community members, will provide all students with a clean, safe and caring environment, maximizing academic achievement, improving self-esteem and developing sound character, thereby producing responsible citizens of a global society.



Our Belief


1. Learning is a lifelong process.
2. Each student has importance and worth as a member of our community.
3. Students learn in different ways and different contexts.
4. Students will be most successful when parents, community members, and teachers share the responsibility of
guiding, educating, and assisting children.
5. Cultural diversity enriches students' lives.
6. Schools should maintain high standards for learning.
7. Students must be prepared for their roles in a technologically advanced society.
8. Cooperation and collaboration are fundamental for a learning community.
9. Knowledge of business principles and practices is an important aspect of a well-rounded education.
10. Education in the arts is a part of a well-rounded education.